April 29, 2008

Nice Words from a Close Friend

This was a great letter of support to receive from one of Bread for the City's good friends. Though it isn't directly talking about food & nutrition, Mr. Egger hits on a couple different topics that we're going to be talking about in much greater detail starting this Thursday. But enough from me--here's the letter:

by Guest Contributor Robert Egger.

As the head of DC Central Kitchen and the Chair of the Mayor's Commission on Nutrition (as well as a real advocate for the work of Bread for the City), I am very happy to be part of this great new blog.

As a city, we've made tremendous inroads in the areas of nutrition over the last few years. Working together, we've removed sodas from schools, and seen an amazing Giant open in Camp Simms. Our Summer Food program for kids is now ranked #1 in the nation, and our new Mayor has made better health for all our citizens a major priority. Farmers Markets now dot the city, and there is now an amazing unity of purpose between advocates, city administrators and front line workers about the journey ahead. Building on that, we on the Commission are now developing a broad "Nutrition Vision" for the city that will include ideas like adding nutrition classes into our schools curriculum, as well as sweeping changes in the way we provide for our elders.

Groups like Bread for the City have served on the front line for years, as well as being part of the broader dialogue for systematic change. This blog will provide yet another avenue to advance the ideas we all hold dear--a nation's Capital City that is free of hunger.

Robert Egger is the founder and President of DC Central Kitchen, a well-known poverty expert, and the author of the book Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding for All.


jmc39 said...

Kudos to Bread for the City (BFC) for breaking into the blogosphere! I have been a Shaw resident for nearly 6 years and have always admired the thankless work performed by BFC, uplifting the lives of less-fortunate residents in Shaw and throughout DC!

Matt Siemer said...

Thanks, jmc--we're glad to be here!