August 4, 2008

Our Access To Resources Contributors

Matt Siemer was once the Volunteer Coordinator at Bread for the City, and is the creator of this blog.

Greg Bloom handles Bread for the City's communications and certain strategic elements of our office. His goal is to organize something new everyday, and past victories include our supply closet, his desk files, our printer paper, our computer network folders, and his own notes. He is currently advocating for greater shelving in our kitchen.

George Jones is the Executive Director of Bread for the City. He's been here 13 years and has been the motivating force behind the expansion of literally every service Bread for the City offers. His current main project is our capital campaign to double the size of our Northwest Center (specifically the Medical Clinic we have upstairs).

Erin Garnaas-Holmes is the current Volunteer Coordinator at Bread for the City, and, in reflection of the work he does, writes not only about volunteering but about all sorts of other things going at Bread for the City and in the District.

Emily Bell is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at Bread for the City. While most of the work she does is in marketing, she also occasionally makes education policy updates. She sits about 7 feet from my desk, and researches stuff very quickly.

Elizabeth Borges is Bread for the City's Advocacy Assistant. On top of spearheading BFC's voter registration drive and working with a number of coalitions, Elizabeth is also very familiar with the education system since, well, she's in school.

Sharon Gruber is Bread for the City's Nutrition Consultant. Between combing our food pantry for unhealthy food, and meeting with clients one-on-one to talk about good nutrition, Sharon finds the time to write a popular series of "Nutrition Minute" postings on this blog. She was originally supposed to only write during our Food & Nutrition segment, but due to the popularity of her entries, she agreed to keep writing despite the current focus.

This list will be updated as submissions come in! If you know something about Education & Access to Resources, and want to become a contributor, send me an email!

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