May 8, 2008

Mystery Turns into Excitement: Claggett Farm Rumor Confirmed

The sky, just after being told that our clients will get fresh produce.

The news is true! I tracked down Ted Pringle, our Food & Clothing Director, and he confirmed that starting May 13th Bread for the City will be receiving fresh produce from Claggett Farm! There are 8 lbs. in a share, and we have purchased 15 shares totalling 120 lbs. Over 26 weeks, the organic produce in season will be delivered to us by a volunteer who is given a free share in return for driving.

The price tag for all of this? Roughly $3,450. I don't need to tell most of you that with prices of nutritious food so high, this deal is outstanding.

The best part, though, is that we get to provide our clients with fresh, organic, locally grown, and healthy food that, because it is so expensive in grocery stores, is often beyond their income level.
Or as Ted says, "That's pretty good. I'm excited about it."

A real picture from Claggett Farm, dog not included in produce purchases.

Look how happy that kid is!

Ted's happy, too!

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