September 3, 2008

Homeless Art Project Gallery Opening

This came to me today, and I thought it looked pretty cool. A lot of the good organizations we work with are coming together to sponsor a showing of artwork done by homeless DC residents. Here's the full description they give of the event:

The Homeless Art Project is an exhibit of art created by homeless artists and by artists who are not homeless but who have a grave concern over their plight. The exhibit includes agencies, groups, organizations and individuals who share this concern and are actively engaged in efforts to ameliorate the suffering and bring an end to this condition that is a shame on us all. The exhibit is open to everyone.

I know some people from BFC (myself included) are planning to go to the opening, but we should try and get as many people as possible. Bring some friends and help support a your local artists!

Here's the flyer that was sent:

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