September 11, 2008

More News About the Franklin Shelter

On September 16th the council meets and might be open to emergency legislation that would keep the Franklin Shelter open until other housing can be found for the residents. The Examiner ran a very good story that covers part of the motive for Mayor Fenty's desire to do close the facility, as well as this:

The Franklin School, at the corner of 13th and K streets, is a National Historic Landmark valued by city assessors at more than $12 million. D.C.’s inability to pinpoint replacement downtown shelter space has stymied the building’s redevelopment.

Now the shelter’s closure is imminent — its bed count is down from 300 only two months ago. And critics are calling Fenty on his apparent flip-flop: In 2006, when he chaired the council’s human services committee, Fenty offered a budget amendment prohibiting Franklin’s closure until downtown replacements are opened.

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