September 12, 2008

Southeast sweats the small stuff

Our Southeast Center on 1640 Good Home Road has recently seen a set of minor but positive developments on its block, and it’s worth considering for a moment how these all add up to make a big difference.

First of all, the bus route that runs right by the Center (92/V5/W8) previously stopped down the street in front of a traffic light – a very dangerous location, as cars often swerved into the bus lane to catch the light, putting people at risk as they moved to get off and on the bus. The stop has now been moved up to a safe spot that also happens to be directly accessible to our Center. (Some bus drivers don’t always seem to know this, but they’ll catch on eventually.)

Also in the Danger Department: some time ago a car accident on an adjacent street corner resulted in a stop sign being removed. But the accident apparently did not give cause for prompt re-installation, and that corner remained perilously un-stopped for months. But we are happy to report that the sign has finally been put back.

And lastly, the city has installed a trashcan in front of the Center, where garbage will no longer be seen strewn about. Bread for the City can claim credit for this one: it would seem that Southeast staffer Christina Cheatham knows all the right people in the right places.

Actually, Christina just called 211 and asked real nicely. A receptacle was installed just two weeks later – in city time, that’s a jiffy. It’s a useful thing to keep in mind: small stuff like trash cans and stop signs make a real difference for everyone's safety and accessibility. While the city might not always be on top of the ball, it’s up to the city’s residents to make the calls.

So be sure to hit up 211 if you know of a fix that should get made.

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