October 6, 2008

Good Hope Awards- Great Unveiling VII

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Nicole Lurie--Volunteer Provider of the Year! (All recipients will be honored at the Good Hope Awards Breakfast tomorrow at 8:30 am at the Capital Hilton).

Dr. Lurie has been volunteering with us in the medical clinic every Wednesday for over a decade...and what an incredible gift that has been! She provides tremendous care to our patients, support to our clinic staff, and she also takes the time to educate young physicians as an unofficial site preceptor for medical students and residents from The George Washington University. With Dr. Lurie we have found a true friend and partner in the drive to provide high-quality healthcare to low-income DC residents, free of charge.

Dr. Lurie moved to DC from Minnesota over a decade ago to accept a position within the federal government. Previously a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Dr. Lurie had connections with the academic community at GW. She didn't want to forego practicing medicine or teaching entirely, so she asked her friends at GW how she might be able to help the DC community. They encouraged her to get in touch with Dr. Randi and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now a researcher at Rand, Dr. Lurie brings a passion for caring for low-income patients as well as a wealth of knowledge on best practices and current health data trends within the District. We like to think we help her with her research as well, keeping her grounded in the real-life stories we hear every day from our patients trying desperately to get the care they need. Dr. Randi says that Dr. Lurie brightens up the clinic--with her enthusiasm, her caring demeanor, and even her bright, cheery wardrobe. As Dr. Randi says, "...look at me...I'm all in beige, neutrals...she comes in wearing hot pink and bright yellow shoes and things just come alive. She really brightens the patients day! But then she brings this great policy and education background that really helps the students and the patients. She keeps the students on their toes but she's great at really breaking things down for the patients."

Dr. Lurie has been a staple in our clinic for over a decade--and we look forward to many more years of partnership. We are grateful for her dedicated service and are pleased to honor her as this year's Volunteer Provider!

To learn more about the Good Hope Awards, or to request an invitation, please contact me at VBreitbarth [at] breadforthecity [dot]org!

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