December 12, 2008

Beyond Bread: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

~Some friendly bloggers gave us a leg up on the pile this week--DC Blogs helped raise awareness for a veteran we're trying to help, and Jaimie's List mentioned us as a center in need of food and clothing donations (which we certainly are). A big thanks to both of them!

~We're also getting some help from Azi's and Big Bear--the sleeves on their to-go coffee cups (with which are staff in Shaw are intimately familiar) have information about our Holiday Helpings campaign with a link to donate. If you're in the neighborhood, stop into Azi's or Big Bear to say thanks--we'll see you there!

~Advocates on behalf of our national homeless population sent President-Elect Barack Obama a letter this week asking him to put together a comprehensive plan to end homelessness. Housing Advocacy's got the text of the letter.

~This week I found a blog out of Nashville called Stone Soup Station that I'm going to add to my RSS feed. They ran two great stories this week--one on how laws are increasingly criminalizing homelessness, and another on the spike in elderly residents who have been forced to live on the streets.

~Can you cure diabetes by becoming a vegan? I have no idea, but Medical Bisnow sure thinks it's possible.

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