January 16, 2009

The unOfficial Inaugural Ball

So there are some things happening in DC in the next few days! As everyone braces themselves for an influx of what could be millions of people, note that at least one of the big Inaugural Balls is set to benefit Bread for the City.

Here's some information about the unOfficial Inaugural Ball from one of the planners:

In 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected to the White House, a group of enthusiastic, socially conscious twenty-somethings rented out Eastern Market and held the Inaugural Ball for the Not Well Connected. Sixteen years later, the election of Barack Obama has inspired some of the original ball planners and others like them to organize The 2009 UnOfficial Ball.
The UnOfficial Ball will be held at McLean Gardens Ballroom on January 20th. Proceeds will benefit Bread for the City. Our Deputy Director Jeannine Sanford (and her husband Charlie Parker) will represent us at the event, along with Rosalind Cohen, Esq., Vice President of Bread for the City's Board of Directors (accompanied by her husband Don).

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