February 26, 2009

Tell them how awesome we are. Also, how awesome we aaaaaare!

Hello, friends! (Well well, you look nice today!)

So we recently received notice that Guidestar, a charity rating organization, is teaming up with some sort of Am-I-Hot-Or-Not site for NPOs called "GreatNonprofits," to post user-generated reviews of thousands of non-profit organizations, including Bread for the City. (In their email to us, they described themselves as "kind of like Yelp, but specifically targeted for nonprofits," although we wonder whether Friendster is the more apt point of comparison.)

Well and so it now falls to us to ask our friends, partners, admirers etc to "testify" for us. Will you pen a review for us? Proffer your thoughts about Bread for the City's mission, services, ethic, and general organizational whatwithal. You might mention about how our service numbers have been expanding at a rate of 10-20% each year for the last three years; or about how we've overhauled our food pantry and conduct cooking classes as part of an initiative to encourage healthy eating in our communities. (You might even mention this blog.) Emoticons and embedded sparkly animated gifs are encouraged.

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