March 6, 2009

Beyond Bread: Unemployment Numbers and More

~A good friend of our blog, Kathryn Baer, recently became homeless after her house was lost in a fire. My heart continues to go out to her. She has a number of excellent posts about the impact this experience has had on her and her family. Keep up the great work, Kathryn, and let us know if there’s any way we can help!

~The Washington Post has the new unemployment numbers for February, and they don’t look good. The national unemployment rate is now at 8.1%, and 651,000 jobs were shed last month. Moreover, revised estimates say we lost more jobs in January and December than experts initially thought. 1.99 million jobs have been lost in the last three months alone.

~Coup de Foudre is in the midst of a clothing drive to benefit Bread for the City!

~New York City is in an awkward situation. Residents in the Bronx are concerned that a program implemented to provide housing for the homeless might cost them their homes.

~A Whitman-Walker clinic has been approved for a mixed-use redevelopment! DCMud has a glimpse at what it will look like.

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