March 23, 2009

Sharon Needs Items For Our Cooking Classes

Good food can make a person happy.

Sharon Gruber, on top of being a regular contributor to this blog, also teaches nutritional cooking classes for the low-income patrons of Bread for the City. This is often a space for people to ask specific questions about how to cook with certain ingredients, and it merges perfectly with the fresh produce we're offering in our food pantry. Given the enormous success of our cooking classes, we're looking to add some basic items to our meager kitchen:


One large pot with cover (7 qt.)
One large sauce pan with cover (5 qt.)
One medium sauce pan with cover (3 qt.)
One extra-large rectangular baking dish with cover (Pyrex style works; cover is preferable so we don’t have to keep aluminum foil on hand.)

Preferably all pots/pans would be stainless, so they last longer and it does not matter which utensils are used by the many people in and out of the kitchen. (Currently, the non-stick and enamel surfaces of our pots and pans render most items unusable.)

Flatware: spoons, forks (20 of each)
Serving/cooking utensils: 2 large spoons without slots

1 large mixing bowl
1 medium mixing bowl
10 soup bowls
2 non-plastic cutting boards
1 cookie sheet
Steel wool should be kept on hand, so all items can be cleaned properly.

If you are willing to donate any of the items listed above, please drop them off at our 7th Street location (1525 7th Street NW, in Shaw) between 9am and 5pm Monday through Thursday, or contact me and we'll set up an alternate time. Thank you, friends!

Are birds good food?

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