April 28, 2009

Riding High

It's about time! We've just bought a shiny, burly new van for our food pantry. (Pictured here with shiny, burly Food Program Director Ted Pringle.)

Bread for the City's previous van was more than eight years old, and in the process of carrying tens of thousands of pounds of food a month across the District, it was breaking down several times a year. We certainly wouldn't have been able to use it for our new gleaning initiative slated for this summer.

But finally, we've been able to raise enough money to purchase a new one -- this one larger than the last, and perfect for bringing the large amounts of free fresh produce that we'll be pulling out of the region's farms soon enough.

In the meantime, we're still raising money for a new truck! Seriously: this thing--though rich in character--has a broken rear door, a faulty gas gauge, a leaking radiator, and no air conditioning. Summer is basically here; our drivers are anxious. You can help us help thousands of people by giving to the truck fund.

And while we wait for a new truck, there's time for us to induct the van into our family. We are henceforth accepting submissions for a name for this van. Have any ideas? Email us or leave a suggestion in the comments.

PS: Many thanks to our donors who helped us seal the deal on this new van, including Rachel Levinson and Ariel Waldman, Vaughn and Marion Simmons, the Rotary Foundation, the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, and Counterpart International, and many others. Thanks to you, we are motorin'!

PPS: Ted tells us that the new van came along with cargo containers that we don't actually have a use for them. Do you, or someone you know? Take a look below, and make us an offer. They could be yours...

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