May 11, 2009

BFC on TV: Lie To Me

It was only a matter of time until the networks came calling.

This Wednesday, during the season finale of Lie To Me (FOX, 8pm), Bread for the City will make our explosive prime-time television debut. Sort of. It's hard to explain without probably totally spoiling what very well may be riveting drama. (Although it also doesn't seem that anyone at Bread for the City has ever watched this program before, so we cannot vouch for the likelihood of prospective riveting.)

We can, however, vouch that the show is set in Washington, DC, so our cameo will certainly bestow that critical air of authenticity. We are proud to play a role in bringing this fine city to greater national prominence.

So spread the buzz! Plan a drinking game of some sort! Tune in on Wednesday night at 8pm! And be proud: you knew about us before we blew up. Email us with your name and address to receive an autographed, personalized copy of our most recent direct mail solicitation.

Disclaimer: Bread for the City is not currently lying, and never will knowingly lie in the future, to you.

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