May 8, 2009

Who's Honoring Dr. Randi Now?


Our Medical Clinic Director, Dr. Randi Abramson, just received the 2009 Public Health Award from the Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association. These awards are given to people who have “advanced the public health field through ongoing dedication and commitment as a public servant.” And, yes, for sure, that describes Dr. Randi. This, however, marks the third such award in about six months, beaten to the punch by the DC Primary Care Association and the American Medical Association.

Here in Bread for the City's Devo office, we briefly considered launching a new column that would shine a harsh bloglight upon medical associations that have yet to honor Dr. Randi. (Step it up, HIGPA! Jeez.) But if we're going to actually speak for her, we would have to politely request that all associations momentarily refrain from giving Dr. Randi any more awards this year. Seriously, doc's got patients to see.

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