July 24, 2009

Save Our Safety Net: A letter from a constituent

Longtime donor, volunteer, and former BFC Board Chair Roger Kuhn shared with us a letter that he sent to Mayor Fenty yesterday about the proposed cuts to the city's social services, and gave us permission to share it here.

Mr. Mayor:

Your proposed budget cuts are grossly unfair to the City's neediest. While the wealthy move into the growing number of luxury condos around town, more and more of our neighbors are heading for shelters. While some eat $100 dinners at DC's finest restaurants, others line up at food pantries. And now you are proposing cuts in support for food pantries, shelters, and other services needed by more and more newly individuals and families.

The fair approach is to cut support for luxuries enjoyed by the fortunate -- support for ballparks and the like -- and to raise revenue from those who are most advantaged: a new top income tax bracket, a new sales tax on sports tickets, concert tickets, DC lottery winnings -- you could name a lot of sources if you looked around. (I'll add that many of these taxes would affect me personally, but I'd pay them willingly if I knew the revenue was preserving the safety net for people in need.)

I'd like to feel my city was dealing fairly and humanely with all of us who live here. Right now, I'm feeling angry.

Roger Kuhn

Roger urges you to take action as well: email City Council today to express your support for programs that help our most vulnerable neighbors survive. (And share your email with us!)

We are currently attending the hearings at the Wilson Building - stay tuned for more...

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