October 29, 2009

Champions for Children's Health Stroller Brigade

“The lives and health of millions of children depend on health reform this year. They will not get what they need unless you speak up and demand it. Children have no other voice but yours. Lift it high and loud.” Marian Wright Edelman

On Wednesday, November 4th, the Children’s Defense Fund is organizing a Champions for Children’s Health Stroller Brigade in the nation’s Capitol. The action is designed to send an urgent and clear message to our political leaders to keep children at the forefront of their minds when enacting health reform. Bread for the City supporters are encouraged to join the hundreds of children, parents, grandparents and champions for children as we “stroll” to the Capitol Building and the House and Senate Offices to ensure that millions of uninsured and underinsured children are not left behind.

Let’s be clear: DC has been a leader in providing children with access to health care services. Consider the national rate of uninsured children of 10.3% and the D.C. rate of 7.6%. Still, the Rand Corporation recently published a study of health and health care among youth in the District of Columbia that points to the need for D.C. to do even more. The study, which was supported by The Children’s National Medical Center, cites the lack of continuity in health insurance plans and services as a major barrier – especially for children with a chronic illness such as asthma.

When Congress passes health reform legislation, we want to be certain that it optimizes children’s access to health care and includes seamless, continuous coverage. Please join us and embrace Ms. Edelman’s Call To Action: “Grab your strollers, your scooter, or your walking shoes, and join our children's brigades on November 4th in Washington, D.C….In America, every child should have the health care they need - now. They have only one childhood. Together we can make it happen.”

To learn how to join a stroller brigade, create your own, or take action in other ways with simple steps, visit the Children's Defense Fund website.

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