October 27, 2009

Everyone's voting for Glean for the City

We are in the final stretch for the Tom’s of Maine 50 States for Good contest to win $20,000 for Glean for the City. The voting ends this Saturday, October 31st, and the top 5 vote-getters win. We are currently in 3rd place — which means if we keep it up, we’ll win! So we need your votes now more than ever.

Bread for the City’s entire staff (and all of our families and friends and Facebook friends) are all deep in the daily voting groove. Meanwhile, the DC Food For All's Great Harvest party used our gleaned produce for its cookoff — and the attendees voted then too!

Finally, excitement about the contest has spread to our clients. Our food pantry clients have really enjoyed the gleaned produce in the past year — and they are thrilled to now have the opportunity to vote for this program.

But very few of our clients have access to the internet at home. And yet we believe they should be able to participate, too!

So for this final week of voting, we’ve set up a computer station in our pantries. We’ve got volunteers generously spending some time stationed there to help folks vote and keep traffic moving.

While sitting down to vote in the contest this morning, Gerri Williams-Harris (pictured left) remarked, “I love putting the fresh carrots in my roasts. Canned vegetables will do, but I really prefer fresh produce."

Only a few days remain in the contest, but you too can still help us win $20,000 for Glean for the City! Vote for Bread for the City here. (Tip!: type Ctrl-F and ‘bread’ to find our entry.) Vote every day this week!

(Are you on Twitter? Help us spread the word by retweeting our voting drive in this special campaign!)

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Steve S said...

I just heard about this program on NPR. Shame that you don't have enough volunteers to help harvest all the produce. Interestingly, right before the NPR story of your service, there was a story about DC homeless shelters. Might you be able to bring able bodied homeless people to the farms to help harvest the food? Seems it would be a win-win.