November 18, 2009

13 yrs + 317 donors = 77,000 Holiday Meals

Dickstein Shapiro. We've written about them before on here, but man oh man, they just keep knocking our socks off.

George and I had the honor today of presenting an award to Dickstein Shapiro for their service to Bread for the City. Dickstein volunteers work in our food pantry, participate in Glean for the City, and provide hundreds of hours of pro bono legal assistance. (I swear, they never sleep.) Dickstein Shaprio also represents the biggest contributor to our annual Holiday Helpings campaign (firm and staff). In fact, they're closing in on $2 million since they started giving in 1996.

And while Partners Paul Taskier, Larry Garr and Michael Nannes do so much for Bread for the City-- really, we'd be lost without them-- what I personally find most remarkable is the groundswell of support we receive from every corner of the firm. When I think about it, it warms my heart.

So thank you, Dickstein Shapiro. You mean so much to us.

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