December 2, 2009

Do you Facebook? Help Bread for the City win $25K!

Amid all the hype about the power of social networking sites, here's an actual opportunity to do some good! For all you Facebook users out there, 10 seconds of your time can help us win a $25,000 grant in the Chase Community Giving contest. The details…

What’s at stake?
Chase Community Giving is awarding $25,000 to the top 100 vote getters nationwide. Each person can only vote once per organization.

Who can vote?
This contest is being run through Facebook, thus only Facebook users can vote. If you’re not on Facebook, you can still help by forwarding this post to friends who are on Facebook and ask them to vote for us. (Or join the other 350,000,000 of us who are already Facebook members and start up a page yourself!)

How can I vote?
Very simple. The process start to finish takes less than 10 seconds.

1) Click here to go to the contest page on Facebook.
(or, take the long way around and search for “Bread for the City” at the application page)
2) Click “Allow” to add the application.
3) Become a Fan of Chase Community Giving
4) Click Vote. That’s it. ( It will say that you have 19 votes remaining, but don't be confused - you can vote only once for Bread for the City. You’re done.)
5) Extra Credit: On our vote page it gives you the option to spread the word via posting to your wall, inviting a friend, or posting to Twitter. Spreading the word is very, very important to our victory in this contest. So please, help us get the word out!

Voting ends on December 11th. So cast your vote now and spread the word. Hopefully at the end of the day we’ll walk away with $25,000 in sweet, sweet cash. These funds will allow us to provide food, clothing, medical care, legal assistance, and social services to the thousands of individuals in need. Just think, with just the simple click of a mouse, you can help us help DC’s poor.

P.S. We like friends too!
Bread for the City has its very own Facebook fan page! Fan us! We'll keep you up to date on what’s happening here, from Holiday Helpings to our Glean for the City project to all the other numerous activities we’re involved in. So come, be our friend. We like you!

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