May 6, 2010

More and more bags!

In the wake of the Bag Tax, Bread for the City has become a distribution center for reusable bags. Our clients, who on average earn just $7,000/year, can't afford to pay for bags -- but we can help them mitigate the effects on their wallets.

Our goal is to give every client a reusable tote. We can't do it alone. Recently, we blogged about the generous contributions from large donors like Whole Foods, D.D.O.E., Target and Giant. And now that Safeway has generously fulfilled its pledge (and then some!) with a donation of 7,000 bags, Bread for the City has reached a total of 15,000 reusable bags.

While this is impressive, our food pantry serves enough people to pass out these bags in a few short months! We want to make sure every client gets one. There is still a lot of work to do, and now you can help!

Please consider organizing a reusable bag drive at work, school, church, or around the neighborhood. Many of us have extra bags lying around (a few shopping bags too many, canvas totes with random logos, free bags from work functions, etc). Contact Jeffrey Wankel at to receive simple instructions for setting up your drive today!

Our goal is to collect 3,000 additional bags through drives. I’ll continue to update you on our progress as the campaign moves forward.

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