November 29, 2010

Tacos for Turkeys!

Of all the inspiring support that we've received from the community this holiday season, one effort really takes the taco.

Hungry Samaritan Peter Gartrell is about to pull up a chair in the final round of Tonic's Iron Taco Eating Championship (taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Mount Pleasant location, at 8pm) -- and he is dedicating this competitive eating performance in support of our Holiday Helpings campaign!

That's right: For each taco that Peter puts down, his Tacos for Turkeys drive is asking people to pledge to donate a given amount to our pantry. Peter polished off 15 tacos last time (in just 5 minutes) and says that he intends to best this performance by at least a couple more.

So far, Tacos for Turkeys has raised over $87 in pledges-per-taco. If Tacos for Turkeys can break $100 per taco in the next day, this contest may raise enough money to provide more than 60 low-income families with a complete holiday dinner (a turkey and all the trimmings)! So please jump on board this taco train by making a pledge today.

We imagine that an eyebrow or two might raise at the thought of a competitive eating contest benefiting an organization that fights hunger. But we say to you that Peter didn't create the Iron Taco; he has just come to conquer it. We thank him for considering this novel way to spread awareness of our less fortunate neighbors. Good luck to our voracious friend. See you at the Iron Taco.

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