December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Earlier this month, we arranged for a free family photo session for Bread for the City clients who wanted a professional portrait for the holidays. The results were so fun and inspiring. I want to share some of them with you today. See below, or check out the whole set on Flickr here.

(A heartfelt thanks to Steve Goldenberg, who has provided his excellent photography to us for three years' worth of holiday seasons.)

Pebbles and her family

"Christmas is my favorite holiday. And then Thanksgiving. Andthen Valentine's Day. It's fun because we have family over. My grandma comes over and I give her a kiss."
Tracy and K'nihja

"I don't come to get food any more because I'm doing okay now, but I tell others to come. I was on Facebook and somebody posted saying that she didn't have clothes for her baby and I told her to just come here, this is the place."

Taneka and son

"I am unemployed and my benefits ran out last week. I just came in yesterday, and they told me about these holiday photos. It has been hard providing for my 2 year old son, who keeps becoming ill. Bread for the City has been helping me make meals as well as providing, you know, mental support. And y'all connected me with an employment agency up the street."

Val Ford

"Words just can't begin to describe. I've had some low points, illnesses that kept me from working, you all stayed with me. You gave me support and stood by me through trials and tribulations. And I'm still here so I thank God and thank you guys and it feels good to give back."

Mr. Robinson

"Things have gotten better in this neighborhood. And we still needed a place like this. People can't wait for it to expand. It's a positive motivation thing. You come here, things aren't crazy, people leave their crazy at the door. You get respect, so you give respect back. That's what we need."

See the complete photoset on Flickr here. And please help us make this community even stronger by making your year-end donation to Bread for the City today.

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