October 17, 2008

Ode to Dr. Randi

As promised in my post about DCPCA's annual meeting, here is more about Dr. Randi and her award.

Dr. Randi pictured with her son Yonah, daughter Eve and husband Michael Lieberman. Her daughter Hannah was unable to attend.

On Tuesday at the DC Primary Care Association's annual meeting , Bread for the City's own Dr. Randi Abramson was honored with the 2008 Distinguished Caregiver Award. (Press release PDF here.)

Dr. Randi came up to the podium to accept her award and (in typical Dr. Randi fashion) shook her head in wonder as to what all the fuss was about. As she accepted the award, she unknowingly illustrated exactly why she deserves this honor. She started to talk about what it's like to work at Bread for the City--the people she works with, the patients she serves--and she told a story about a patient who came to the clinic recently. He came after we closed, but before everyone had gone home for the day. Of course, she invited him in to see what he needed. As she told the story she was so matter-of-fact: "Of course that's what you do. When patients need help, they come to you. We have to help them." And that's how it is with Dr. Randi. It doesn't matter if we're closed--she's there to help.

It is a privilege to work with Dr. Randi. Each day she comes in and without meaning to, challenges the rest of us to work a little harder and help a little more. She has a servant's heart in the best way possible and that comes through in everything she does. Dr. Randi has been our "Distinguished Caregiver" since 1991--we are so proud that everyone else is taking notice!

Congratulations, Dr. Randi!

Read Bread for the City's press release about the 2008 Distinguished Caregiver Award here. Learn more about Dr. Randi from the videos Stone Soup Films created about her and about our medical clinic.

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