December 5, 2008

Beyond Bread: Wrapping Up World AIDS Day

~The newspapers suddenly exploded with stories about HIV/AIDS right around World AIDS Day. The Washington Post ran a convincing argument for universal testing. The Washington Times had a write-off story about the well-known statistic that one in five people with HIV/AIDS don't know they have it. The Washington Blade ran two excellent articles: one on the human face of AIDS, and one on a united appeal by AIDS groups to President-Elect Obama. The Washington Post also ran a pretty concise article on AIDS and black women.

~Almost 30 million Americans are currently on Food Stamps, a spike only matched in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

~DC Fights Back and about 100 protesters gathered at HUD on Dec. 1st to demand housing for over 200 people living with AIDS who are currently on the housing wait-list.

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