December 8, 2008

Update: a veteran in need

Last month, we told you about one of our clients who is in particularly dire need: “Charles,” a Vietnam veteran, is ill and in danger of becoming homeless. In response to the post, quite a few people donated generously to help him out – our deep thanks go to them. With their help, we’ve pushed the deadline for his eviction back; but now we need once again to buy some more time until we can stabilize Charles’ situation for good.

Charles worked his whole life, but several years ago he became very ill and was hospitalized. Upon his release, he returned to work – but he had regular dialysis appointments during the work day that he could not miss. One day—despite the fact that he’d notified his workplace about his appointment—Charles was fired for “walking off the job.” (Of course, he only discovered this on following day, upon returning to the job he’d supposedly walked off of.) Because he was fired for allegedly walking off the job, he is ineligible to receive unemployment benefits.

Charles had to turn to family and his church for support. But that was back in April. His health problems persisted, and he’s now out of other options and behind on rent.

So far, with the help of our donors and Bread for the City’s lawyers, Charles has managed to forestall eviction – but he has had to begun cutting back on essentials like food. We’re enrolling him in our food program, and working to get him placed in supportive housing (he’s currently paying market rates on his long-time home). But we’ll need another five hundred dollars to get him through to the new year in his current place.

Can you help us help Charles keep his home until we can find him a place that he’ll be able to afford from now on? Contact Kristin Valentine at kvalentine[at]breadforthecity[dot]org. Thanks again to all of those who have helped so far.

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