February 17, 2011

Protect Americorps!

There is a bill before congress this week that, if passed, would completely dismantle Americorps, the program that places full-time volunteers in non-profit and government agencies for one or two years while giving them a (very) modest stipend and a grant award to be spent on education. This would eliminate thousands of jobs and destroy a programs that encourage social innovation and social change around the country.

As we’ve written about here before, Bread for the City depends on several of our staff positions to be filled by full-time volunteers, most of whom are in Americorps programs. These positions are mutually beneficial--Bread for the City gets young, bright, enthusiastic, passionate employees at an extremely affordable rate, and young college graduates get exposure to a real working environment and, more importantly, their eyes are opened to the suffering caused by poverty that Bread for the City faces. Many of these full-time volunteers go on to work for justice throughout the rest of their careers.

If the H.R. 1 passes, Bread for the City will suffer, as would every other organization that has hosted an Americorps member, or those that have hired an Americorps alum and benefited from their experience. Sign this petition to let your representative know you value Americorps, or better yet, call your representative and tell them where you stand!

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