April 11, 2011

Building Budgets: Because All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

We talked last week about Mayor Vincent Gray’s budget and it’s proposed $130 million in cuts to human services. It bears repeating that these funding cuts are really disproportionate: $2 out of every $3 in cuts are from safety net programs.

That’s why we’re hosting Winning a Better Budget: Dinner and Action Session at our Northwest Center this evening. The response to the event has been amazing. At least ten different budget campaigns will come together to share what they know and lead work on projects to help reshape the budget. And we expect around a hundred DC residents from all over the city.

Anything could come out of it -- an amazing event at City Hall, the best blog post you’ve ever read, a brand new organizing project, or even just some new friends. (If there’s one thing this work has taught me, it’s that you’ve gotta have friends.)

It’s tonight, 5:30 to 8:00 pm. It’s free and you don’t need to RSVP. Dinner, Spanish interpretation, and child care will be provided. We’re at 1525 7th St NW, two blocks from the Shaw/Howard Metro and on the G2 and 70 buses.

Will you join us?

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