November 11, 2008

Veteran In Need--Please Help

Hi Everyone--one of our staff attorneys, Margie, sent me this client request. Please help if you can:

Charles W. is a 54 year-old man and veteran of the Vietnam War era. Since his service in the Marine Corps, Charles worked steady jobs and raised eight children. For the last seven years he held a job as the head of security at a downtown office building.

During the last couple of years, Charles' health began to deteriorate, but he put off seeking medical treatment to avoid taking time off of work. In April 2008, Charles became severely ill, and was hospitalized for a month. He has since been diagnosed with, among other things, pneumonia, end-stage renal disease, HIV. He also suffers from blurred vision, swollen appendages, bone spurs and situational depression associated with serious life-threatening illnesses and the subsequent loss of his full-time employment.

Without a source of income between the time when his employment ended and his social security payments began, Charles fell behind in his rent and now faces imminent risk of eviction from his home. Bread for the City is providing him with legal representation and social services, but what he desperately needs is to pay off his remaining rental arrearages and have a security deposit once we are able to find him affordable housing that can better accommodate his needs.

Having already exhausted his resources, we are turning to the greater Bread for the City community to see if anyone is willing and able to help Charles.

To prevent him from becoming homeless, we need approximately $1700.00. We're also trying to raise money for a security deposit, which we're estimating will be $1500.00. If you can help, please donate today using our online form, and specify that your donation is for Charles W.

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