June 2, 2009

Bag Bill passes!

We're pleased to see that the City Council has unanimously voted to institute a fee on paper and plastic bags in grocery stores. (A recent report by the DC Department of Environment suggests that this measure could eliminate up to 47% of the trash in the Anacostia river tributaries, and 21% from the river’s main stem; PDF here.)

We've supported this bill here, as Councilmember Tommy Wells pledged to us that the revenue generated by this measure will be used, in part, to provide an ongoing supply of reusable bags that service agencies like Bread for the City can distribute to our clients.

Many thanks to Councilmember Wells, and the Trash Free Anacostia coalition, for pushing this smart policy through. We look forward to working with the City to get these reusable bags out into circulation as quickly and widely as possible!


Ed Bruske said...

Does that include the plastic bags routinely handed out at D.C. farmers markets?

Greg Bloom said...

Hi Ed - according to the legislation literature, the bill applies to: "Retail Food Establishment license holders (including grocery stores, food vendors, convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants)." I'm not sure if that includes farmers' markets!