April 14, 2009

The Rise of the Reusable Bag

Bread for the City is giving out reusable bags!

Our readers are certainly aware by now that a mere two weeks ago Bread for the City came out in support of the "Bag Bill" that will place a 5 cent fee on bags at grocery stores. That money, in turn, will be directed toward cleaning up the Anacostia, which is currently in complete disrepair. If you're coming to this debate late, Greater Greater Washington, And Now, Anacostia, and Congress Heights on the Rise have also covered the bill.

Bread for the City is committed to doing our part. As the largest food pantry in DC, we use a lot a paper and plastic bags, and though that won't change overnight, we're on the path to being a more eco-friendly pantry. As you can see by the pictures above and below, Bread for the City is distributing reusable bags! These bags were provided by the DC Department of the Environment so that we can start giving them out before the fee actually takes effect. After the passage of the Bag Bill, a number of non-profs and agencies will be distributing reusable bags. The only difference is in color--the other bags will be blue. We're also putting information in the bags about the Bag Bill so that people will keep their bags, using them for both our food pantry and their local grocery store.

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