May 8, 2008

A Message from Jeannine Sparks Some Sleuthing

Yesterday this cryptic but exciting message from our Deputy Director, Jeannine Sanford, was forwarded on to me:

Just wanted to let you know that Ted has figured out a way to get 15 shares of weekly produce from Claggett Farm delivered to us in NW every Tuesday afternoon for the next 18 or so weeks. We are buying it (not free) but it is a good deal and they have been very helpful and they helped us come up with the free delivery system. See Ted for more specifics.

This is not the first time that Ted has found a way to work miracles (last time I checked, he was able to get us roughly 2,120 free loaves of bread per month), but how did they work out free delivery, and what are we paying for these delicious shares? And what is a share, anyway? I’ll try to track down Ted and get back to you.

While I'm investigating, though, you can check out the Claggett Farm blog. Good stuff there. They seem like nice people.

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