July 8, 2008

Waiting With Zain: Clients Sharing Stories

Mr. B and Me

I spoke with a few of our clients about their affordable housing situation the other day. Talking to them helped highlight a few of the positive and negative housing trends presently visible.

In talking about his place, one client helped identify a general positive trend in affordable housing - it’s starting to look nicer. Mr. B seemed very pleased with his current residence. Although he lives in an old building, renovations are being done to improve the building’s aesthetic appeal. So far, Mr. B seems impressed.

When I asked him how he got the unit, his housing attainment process also received some good words. He lives with his sister who found the place easily, and they didn’t have to wait too long after applying for the unit. Unfortunately this is not the norm. Luckily, Mr. B’s sister was not hit by the time inefficiencies that seem to have become ingrained in the affordable housing attainment process.

As our conversation continued, he revealed why his sister moved to the place. His sister was getting social security but not enough for her to afford her increasing apartment rent. The only place she could move into was an old building, which, luckily for them, is now being renovated. This is a great story of the affordable housing process gone right. It took a little bit of luck, but sometimes that’s all we need to get by.

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