August 5, 2008

Please Help If Possible

Hi Everyone,

I just got this email from Margie Sollinger, one of our staff attorneys. Please help if you can:

I have a client who has a cockroach infestation so severe that her appliances and joints of her wood furniture are infested. Her kids cover their plates and cups when eating meals because the cockroaches fall into their food from the ceiling. Take my word for it, it's really bad. In the next week or two we are hopefully moving her into another unit with her 6 children and her partner (total of 8 people in the household). In order to avoid bringing cockroaches (and their eggs) into the new unit, we're likely going to abandon all of her non-clothing and dishware items. Thus, she is in need of almost everything, but my goal is to find her the following within the next couple of weeks:

1. 5 beds (right now she is using all twin sizes)
2. Dining table with six or more chairs
3. Living room seating (right now she is using a sofa and love-seat)
4. 4 or more dressers

Ideally we'll get her a lot of other things, but this is our starting point.

Obviously this is a big undertaking, so anyone who knows of resources, or knows of people who have stuff to donate, let Margie know.


UPDATE: To the many, many people who responded so swiftly and generously--thank you. Margie is going to check out the dimensions of the proposed new apartment to find out how much space we have to work with. I've been told that it will be a one bedroom apartment, which means space will be more limited than we thought. We have received a number of emails, and will make sure every person is contacted directly about their donation, hopefully later today. Thank you again--

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