October 30, 2008

Check out the Glam Examiner - and congratulations to Leslie Bray!

We love this: longtime Bread for the City client, volunteer, and donor Leslie Arnelle Bray has a new column in the Washington Examiner called, appropriately, Glam Examiner. Leslie (who has a pretty intense fashion site at LeslieArnelle.com) will be writing weekly about how to "keep on top of your style game."

Her first column is about something called Spanx. Your humble blogger is not totally sure what Spanx is [it sounds like some sort of plasticine exomorphic shell?] but that must be because said blogger is not, in fact, on top of his style game. Fortunately, Ms Bray is here to help.

Check her out weekly! And you can read more about Leslie's amazing story and her work with Bread for the City here.

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