October 27, 2008

Help us move the 7th Street Garden

Over the last few years, much to our delight, the 7th Street Garden has developed into a lush and bustling community institution in the space next to our building. The Garden hosts training programs and distributes bags of produce to low income residents in the neighborhood – it’s a great example of the sort of community-supported sustainable agriculture that we hope to see sprouting up in more neighborhoods in the years to come.

As Bread for the City makes plans for a new medical center will be built, we are sad to say goodbye to the garden. Fortunately, the garden will be relocating to a new site that is less than a mile away: the Gage-Eckington school, where they’ll have even more space to grow.

The transplanting is currently underway, but the bulk of the garden’s bigger materials is slated to be moved in a group effort on Saturday, November 1st. We’re looking for helping hands and, especially, helping big cars and trucks. Can you help this Saturday? Please contact Greg at gbloom [at] breadforthecity [dot] org.

Also! The garden staff currently don't have the resources to uproot and relocate a set of trees from the space, including two each of peach, apple, and cherry trees. We want to make sure these trees can find a home in a new spot, and to make that happen – according to Susan Ellsworth of the Garden – we need “a tree spade, a flat-bed truck that lowers to the ground, and a small miracle.” Maybe one of the members of our community can help provide at least the first two? Please let us know!

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