November 21, 2008

Beyond Bread: Homelessness in the News

Thanksgiving is next week, which means this Saturday will be Bread for the City's biggest day for distribution. From our Northwest Center alone, 4,000 holiday grocery bags, complete with a turkey and all the trimmings, will leave our site. Please consider supporting us--$28 feeds a family of four, and donating online is easy!

~We often talk about the barriers preventing homeless people from transitioning back into a stable life. The Gazette talks with a man who had all of his citizenship documents confiscated and trashed by an environmental group.

~George Washington University held a Hunger Banquet this week to raise awareness of poverty issues. Put together in part by our friend Natalie Kaplan, the event focused on specific neighborhoods in DC.

~Hypothermia season is about to start. During the winter months, homeless residents risk severe illness and death nightly because of exposure to the cold. Local non-profits are preparing again for this dreaded time of year.

~Social Service workers are about to get a little much-needed help! The worst kept secret in non-profit work is that case managers have the most difficult jobs. They're the front line for every person looking for help--often enduring frustration, verbal abuse, unresponsive government agencies, and stories of unimaginable hardship. On top of that, social workers often get paid very close to the poverty line. As a result, social work has very high turnover. A new foundation is looking to pay social workers more for the excellent work they do.

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