November 14, 2008

Beyond Bread: News Fit to Link

~Bread for the City was all over the blogs this week. Tons of friendly human beings from American University continued their discussions on poverty issues; a super thrifty shopper (and BFC donor!) told us all how to save money at CVS; DCFab! talked about M. Fenty's visit to our Southeast Center; Washington Grantmakers Daily linked to the story about us in the Washington Times last week.

~Loopholing, a legal blog, wrote a really insightful piece on the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty. One of the many interesting things cited in the article is the statistic that, even before the housing meltdown, 5 million Americans were paying more than half their salary just to housing--an indicator of severe economic instability.

~As veterans of both Iraq and Afghanistan are coming home, one of the challenges they are currently facing is a lack of access to health care. Roughly 18% of returning veterans are at risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. The Washington Times has the full story.

~Did you know that parks might help reduce the health disparity between rich and poor areas? USA Today can tell you all about it.

~Remember Anacostia? It's a neat place, and not just because we have a building there. The Honfleur gallery is running five different exhibitions in historic Anacostia featuring all sorts of new photographers. You can read the details on their website--it sounds pretty cool!

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