December 31, 2008

Holiday Helpings Wrap-up: the Final Turkey

Our Holiday Helpings campaign wrapped up last week, and it ended up topping an impressive 12,250 turkeys. Originally, we intended to feed 10,000 families with these special turkey dinners, but demand was such that we exceeded that goal by more than 20%! Wow.

To put it all in some perspective, let me share with you a bit about the very last person to receive a Holiday Helpings turkey, right in the last few hours before Christmas Eve.

Janie Lawson receives our final turkey

Janie Lawson, who lives in Southwest DC, has been a Bread for the City client for three years. This was the first time she participated in the Holiday Helpings program. She told me she would cook this big bird all through Christmas Eve. She was thrilled to have the whole house smelling good for tomorrow, when her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (seven of them!) will join together at her home. And she also told me that she was excited to open up her table for a homeless man from her neighborhood who occasionally helps her with household chores.

“It’s going to be a great Christmas,” Janie said. Thanks to all those who helped us make this a great Holiday Helpings season, and a great year.

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