December 23, 2008

Pots and Cutting Boards and Spoons-- Oh My!

Bread for the City's Fit for Fun program pairs primary medical care with nutrition and exercise education. Patients receive regular check-ups in our clinic, while working one-on-one with Sharon (our nutritionist), attending monthly cooking classes, and receiving groceries from our food pantry once monthly.

The program has been around for a few years now, but under Sharon's tutelage, it has experienced significant growth.

So many clients are turning out for our cooking classes that our limited kitchen supplies just aren't cutting it anymore (please pardon the pun). Sharon put together a wish list for kitchen items. If you can fulfill any of these wishes, please contact me! And if you don't have the items to donate yourself, you may make a cash donation online. Please write "Fit for Fun" in the comment box.

Kristin Valentine

Thank you!

One large pot with cover (7 qt.)
One large sauce pan with cover (5 qt.)
One medium sauce pan with cover (3 qt.)
One extra-large rectangular baking dish with cover (Pyrex style works; cover is preferable so we don’t have to keep aluminum foil on hand.)

Preferably all pots/pans would be stainless, so they last longer and it does not matter which utensils are used by the many people in and out of the kitchen. (Currently, the non-stick and enamel surfaces of our pots and pans render most items unusable.)

Flatware: spoons, forks (20 of each)
Serving/cooking utensils: 2 large spoons without slots

1 large mixing bowl
1 medium mixing bowl
10 soup bowls
2 non-plastic cutting boards
Steel wool should be kept on hand, so all items can be cleaned properly.

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Greg Bloom said...

Seriously people, we need forks over here. Aaaaand an oven mitt.