January 23, 2009

Beyond Bread: The Weekly Roundup

~Special thanks to Kathryn at the Poverty & Policy blog for picking up George's open letter to the Washington Post. Ms. Baer always has insightful, well researched stuff, and we're happy to count her among our friends.

~Bread for the City got another mention (albeit brief) by Norman Ornstein in a lucid piece he wrote about how President Obama's administration should commit to getting nutritious food to all Americans.

~A former Bread for the City volunteer, Elizabeth Acevedo, won The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award this year for Diversity Education and Service!

~The House voted again, just before the inauguration, to expand health insurance for children. The State Children's Health Insurance Program is badly in need of expansion, but efforts to do so were twice vetoed by President Bush. Assuming the Senate can figure out what it's doing, we might see dramatic new legislation very soon!

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