March 24, 2009

Bread for the City's FY08 Annual Report

We recently posted our Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Report on our website. You can download the PDF here.

The report really highlights the remarkable growth in all of our programs. Over the last three or four years, our social, legal, and medical programs have each seen increases in service numbers of about 10 to 20% annually. And each department has new projects or expansions: the Attorney of the Day and Community Lawyering projects in Legal, to the TANF Home Visits Program in Social, to a major nutrition initiative in our Food pantry, and of course the planned expansion of our Medical clinic. (Speaking of which: the Groundbreaking is tomorrow at our Northwest Center! 830AM! Join us!)

It's important to note that this growth has increased right along with an increase in demand for our services, demand that was climbing long before the market crash. This coming year -- given the upcoming reductions in our service hours -- will not see that same rate of growth. But we're taking those measures specifically so that growth can resume when the economic crisis subsides. Thank you for standing with us during this time!

Lastly, many thanks go out to Groff Creative, who designed this year (and last year's) Bread for the City annual report, pro bono. They did a great job, too. You should hire them.

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