March 9, 2009

I think an angel just stopped by

Deputy Director Jeannine Sanford sent an email this morning. I thought it'd be nice to share the story:

A very sweet, very striking woman just came in and told Bernice it was her 50th birthday and she was out giving gifts to a few of her favorite organizations. Bernice called me out to meet her. We shook hands, chatted briefly. She said that she was in the military and recently returned from Iraq and was headed pretty soon to Afghanistan. She would love to volunteer but life is a little to transient now. She asked if we had any other needs and I recommend our website and got her a newsletter pointing out the address and Wish List.

I told her that we would send her a thank you letter as receipt for her check – was her address correct on her check? She said no, don’t worry about it, her address isn’t on her check and she didn’t need a receipt. She handed me the folded check and I wished her a Happy Birthday. I went back to my desk, thinking the check would be for $50, right? Unfolded it and it was for $500. And no name or address on the check.

So angel is my best theory. : )


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