March 31, 2009

Look who started a blog!

Bread for the City is happy to welcome another one of our partner organizations to the blogosphere! We just got word yesterday that the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, a watchdog organization with an emphasis on issues that affect low- and moderate-income residents, launched a blog that will post weekly analysis of the budget. DCFPI has worked with Bread for the City on countless occasions, and this blog will allow DC residents to get the same briefings we do. DCFPI are experts on how budgets are constructed and executed, and they end up knowing before anyone else where money is going.  They are tireless and true advocates for our community; finding places where there is inefficient or wasteful spending and working to make sure those funds are redirected to more worthy projects.

Just in case you missed it before, another close partner of ours also started a blog recently--Martha’s Table! Running a host of different programs (from food delivery to clothing to children’s programs), Martha’s Table has an awful lot to report about. Tidbits from the Table is a place for you to see the good work this non-profit does firsthand since they have tons of videos and slideshows from inside the services they offer.

The Capital Area Food Bank put together a social media workshop for direct-service non-profits about a month ago.  One of the things I mentioned during my presentation was the need for more direct-service non-profits to break out into the blogosphere.  There is tremendous interest in the work that we're doing, equaled by a number of misconceptions about how that work is executed.  Especially in this economy, all of us are going to have to think creatively about how to show people the things that we're doing and why that work is important.  We can speak to the need in our community with a great deal more success if we work together.  

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