March 23, 2009

On the Mayor's proposed Budget

The Mayor's office has released its FY2010 budget proposal, in a generously detailed, narratively coherent document entitled "Meeting the Challenge." Yes we can!

Indeed, considering the magnitude of said budget challenge, this is a great first step. As part of the Coalition for Community Investment, Bread for the City signs on to the following response.

from: The Coalition for Community Investment
re: FY 2010 Proposed Budget

The Coalition for Community Investment is encouraged to see that Mayor Fenty's proposed Fiscal Year 2010 budget broadly adheres to our stated core principles: investment in the local economy, protection of critical safety net services, revenue expansion, transparency and public engagement.

Given the magnitude of the crisis, we know that many difficult choices had to be made. The Mayor’s proposed budget shows commitment to protecting critical public investments that are crucial at this time to ensure the stability and safety of city residents and neighborhoods. The budget proposal makes a strong effort to avoid cuts in service wherever possible. We do note, however, that the size of the proposed reduction in District-funded staff positions is quite large. A more detailed analysis is needed to determine the potential impact on services. The Coalition looks forward to learning more about how services will be sustained.

The Coalition also supports the City's efforts to raise revenue. However, the proposal to eliminate the cost of living adjustments to three tax provisions — the homestead deduction, the standard deduction, and the personal exemption would disproportionately affect low- and middle-income District residents. We encourage the City to consider revenue expansion measures that will not unduly burden the parts of our community that can least afford it.

The FY 2010 budget includes detailed descriptions of the actions taken to use federal stimulus funds, and of other steps taken to balance the budget. This level of detail is a step forward in budget transparency and will help the DC Council and residents understand the proposed changes.

The Coalition looks forward to learning more about how this budget will help stimulate job growth, strengthen local businesses, and support neighborhoods and families during economic downturn. As the Mayor and City Council undertake the difficult task of managing this budget, we encourage them to remain open and engaged with the public to ensure prudence, fairness, and robust recovery.

About the Coalition for Community Investment

Coalition for Community Investment represents over 160 diverse organizations and individuals committed to public investments that expand economic opportunity for our neighborhoods and families, and support a fair and transparent budget process.

ps if you're reading this like right now, you can listen to the Budget hearing, streaming live here.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. For the first time this year, there will also be "Additional Information on Selected Topics" on the budget website:,a,1246,q,462304.asp.

By all accounts, we can look forward to supplemental information on Medicaid, TANF, school modernization, etc.