March 10, 2009

On the subject of Dr. Randi's award

Btw – when I walked in the ballroom with Dr. Randi last night the Security Guy stopped her and said with a big smile “Hey, I wondered if I might see you here!” She clearly knew him and stopped to chat with him. Turns out he is her patient. I don’t think he had any clue that she was being recognized at the dinner – he just figured it was a convention of doctors and maybe his doctor would be there. Of course, Randi has never gone to an AMA convention dinner in her life until last night, so under any other circumstances, his chance of seeing her there would have been nil.

During the dinner she was giving serious thought to abandoning her prepared remarks and finding him in the hallway to ask if she could invite him up to share his story in order to put a face on the reality of a nation with millions of working men and women who don’t have health insurance. But I think she decided not to put him on the spot – and they were only giving her a minute to speak.

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