May 14, 2009

They Lied To Us!

Ain't this always the way?

Look, FOX, let's be frank. When you first called us a few weeks ago, offering us a "great opportunity," we thought to ourselves: It's a trap!

But no, you assured us that this was indeed a "great opportunity!" We'd have national exposure on a hit TV show. And well, okay, we knew it wasn't a hit at all--but it was a TV show.

So, like Faust to the Devil, we said:
What the hay, it's free. BRING IT ON!

We sent over our precious marketing art, and weeks later, chilled wine and hummus dip in hand, we settled back to watch the season finale of Lie to Me. We were ready to blow up.

Right as the show began, shifty swarthy-type characters walked onto a bus-- wow we didn't realize this would happen right at the top of the hour! And then... and then!

A flash of green, a blast.... was that it? No sighting of our trademark bus ad. Maybe a fleeting blurry second in a security camera replay, but mostly just forty four minutes of wan, tedious drama.

FOX. Why did you LIE TO US?

Was it so that we'd tell everyone to watch, giving your flailing show that extra little boost that it needed to get picked up for another season? Well that may have worked, FOX. But at what cost??

It was a trap!

We should have seen this coming. We should have known. We should have heeded those countless warnings to stay out of show business, or at least to get ourselves an agent.

Well, you know, whatever. The show was alright. It was nice of them to offer. We just wish they'd called.

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