June 25, 2009

Update: We are filling the Food Gap!

Earlier this week I brought you some urgent news: our food pantry went way over budget last month. We called upon our community to help us fill the $10,360 food gap for May, and the response has been inspiring. We're half-way to our goal!

You can help us get the rest of the way there by making a gift today: http://www.breadforthecity.org/fillthefoodgap

Inspired by the swell of support for our pantry, Greg and Matt went down there this morning to shoot some video. Take a look here:

Quite simply, there's no one better than Ted Pringle at finding the cheapest healthy bulk food. So when Ted had to miss most of May for surgery, he couldn't scour the markets for the sweetest of deals - that really set us back. And that's on top of the fact that financial strain is sending more and more people to us seeking assistance.

Helen, a Bread for the City client, is also featured in the video. She shares a bit why she visits our food pantry from time to time. Helen works as a hairdresser (has since she was 9 years old!) and has 11 kids. In the summertime, with all the kids and grandkids around, she needs help getting food on the table. Greg and Matt helped her carry about five full bags of free groceries to her car.

We help about 5,000 families like Helen's every month. Together, we'll make it through these tough times.

Spread the word, follow our campaign's progress on facebook or twitter (#fillthefoodgap), and don't forget to give!

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