July 30, 2009

Budget update -- RALLY TODAY

Save Our Safety Net

[Rally today at the John A Wilson Building today at noon. Meet us in front of 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW!]

Yesterday morning, we delivered the www.SaveOurSafetyNet.com petition to all City Councilmembers. Nearly 1,500 names in support of smart, responsible leadership that protects DC’s safety net.

Several Councilmembers thanked us for this display of support, and expressed their agreement with our position that the government must act responsibly during this budget crisis, fairly balancing cuts and revenue.

We still don’t know what was said in the course of yesterday's proceedings, since members of the public were not allowed in the chamber. But early reports indicate some promising movement in the right direction: the Council restored some of the Mayor's proposed cuts to programs including TANF, job training, legal services for the poor, Rapid Housing and Grandparent Caregivers. Also, several revenue raising measures (like a minor increase in the sales tax, and taxes on cigarettes and gas).

Rally fact sheet july 2009.doc

There are still severe cuts on the table to affordable housing, senior services, and legal services. In the meantime, the Council made few cuts to economic development, public safety, or public works. So we must take our message one step further.

You can help protect safety net services by coming to the John A Wilson Building today at noon. Meet us in front of 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.

Join together with community leaders, business owners, service providers and fellow citizens, as we urge City Council to to invest in the safety net. After we hear from a brief set of speakers, we will divide into groups and meet personally with Councilmembers and staff.

If you aren't able to attend, you can still make a difference! Please call your Councilmember (or call Chairman Vince Gray or an At-Large Councilmember) to express your support for more balanced budget cuts and responsible revenue enhancements.

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