July 27, 2009

Save Funding for DC's Poorest Residents--We Need Your Help!

Save Our Safety Net

Last week we posted on Mayor Fenty's proposed budget cuts, which will slash a number of programs providing critical support for low-income residents of DC. Critical safety net services (like affordable housing, assistance for families with children, and literacy programs) will be affected, and no serious actions to raise revenue have been proposed. Moreover, the cuts are imbalanced--cuts to services for poor residents make up nearly half of the mayor's proposal.

These cuts will prolong and deepen this recession.

Save Our Safety Net is brought to you by Bread for the City and the Coalition for Community Investment, a broad array of community leaders and business owners in DC who support humane and responsible fiscal governance. Please visit Save Our Safety Net, learn about the cuts, and sign a petition asking the mayor and the council to change course and invest in our future.

Sign our petition today!

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Anonymous said...

My community is suffering too. I made a video. One can see it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM8SUt8qsEU